1. Timber cruising and inventory

  2. Timber appraisals

  3. State and local forest practices permitting and compliance

  4. Timber trespass in urban and rural areas; trial and mediation support

  5. Urban tree protection plans; hazard tree analyses

  6. Forest management plans

  7. Timber and forest marketing services

  8. Forest and habitat mapping

       Seamless and integrated consulting forestry services:  A representative project list is available on our website. [Click hereThese projects illustrate the synergy between consulting forestry services and appraisals by MAI-designated and state certified real estate appraisers.  Many consulting forestry services are, however, stand-alone functions — in any case performed by professionals with M.S., B.S. or A.A.S. degrees in forestry or natural resources.

       Peter C. Blansett, degreed from the Ranger School at State University of New York, is a certified arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture. As a lead service provider, Peter has provided deposition, mediation or trial testimony in over 20 contested matters since year 2000 relating to timber and tree valuations and timber trespass litigation.  Peter also oversees design and implementation of timber cruising and inventory projects; and forest practices permitting in both state and local jurisdictions.

        The S. A. Newman Firm is, in addition to its services as lead property appraiser, pleased to serve in a specialist role on behalf of other firms acting as lead in evaluating the contribution of merchantable and pre-merchantable timber to overall market value under applicable forest practice scenarios.


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